What People Say

 Life Coaching - I was faced with increasing demands from work, due to a recent relocation, stress from home, where our first child had just arrived and the financial stress and strain of a bigger mortgage and increased outgoings. W5 was able to get me thinking straight, calming down, assessing my priorities and working on them methodically. Very quickly we as a family became more relaxed in the knowledge that everything was being addressed. Work became easier with better planning and smart thinking. W5 helped us enormously and things are going really smoothly again."

JDDesign Engineer

 Executive Coaching - I have known Dr Morgan of W5 for a very long time, at one time we were work colleagues. When he became an Executive Coach, I had no hesitation in engaging him to work with all my Senior Executives on a one to one basis in order to improve their performance and that of our company. This relationship has endured over many years in a number of different companies as my own career has developed. He has worked on problems like the move from functional to general management, succession planning, new job acclimatization, merger and takeover planning, skills gaps and many other issues. I would unhesitatingly recommend his work as being of a consistently high standard over a great many years."

EJLVariously CEO and Executive Chairman

 Team Coaching - Dr Morgan of W5 coached our Executive Board, as a group, over a period of more than a year. Initially, he was engaged to help us deal with an unwanted aggressive takeover issue, which was an unqualified success. Then he helped us in a concerted plan for profit improvement in order to maximize the value of the family company with a future, more managed and more profitable, takeover in mind. This process exceeded our highest expectations. Thanks to his Executive Coaching, we were introduced to management techniques that enabled us to grow our business, yet cut our relative cost levels, and increase profits by more than 100% in the time that he was with us. This enabled us subsequently to achieve a company value of more than twice the original takeover offer."

LWOwner and CEO