About Executive Coaching

About Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

The focus of Executive Coaching is usually about one's personal contribution to organizational performance or development. The coach accelerates the Executive's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of possibilities leading to more effective choices. Coaching concentrates on where the leader is now, and what he/she is willing to do to get where he/she wants to be in the future. The coaching focuses on the leader's personal and organizational life as it relates to goal setting, outcome creation and personal change management.

Examples of the kind of focus for Executive Coaching are:
 * Leadership style * Planning   * Performance problems
 * Implementation challenges * Career Development * Inter-personal relationships
 * Acting as a sounding board * Interview techniques * Change management
Some of the ways that a coach can support an Executive are:
  • Heightening self-awareness and learning in order to take action
  • Addressing breakdowns and blocks to achieving personal and organizational results
  • Assisting leaders in seeing patterns and interactions and their meaning
  • Looking at system issues and those of organizational alignment
  • Determining how to manage change
  • Working with resistance in both the client and the system
  • Supporting communication, decision making and conflict management skills